Land Capability Assessment (LCA) for Single Dwellings

What is a land capability assessment?

A land capability assessment (LCA) involves a series of tests and studies to look at the land features and the soil properties of a site. In conjunction with the size of the proposed dwelling, we can then ascertain the appropriate system and level of treatment required to dispose of your domestic wastewater onsite.

The LCA is designed to ensure wastewater can be treated and retained within the property boundaries and determines the potential impact of onsite wastewater disposal on local receiving environments. Our company provides LCA’s to the highest standard, conforming to the Municipal Association of Victoria’s land capability assessment framework adopted by East Gippsland and Wellington Shire Councils.

A suitably experienced assessor will provide an LCA which will eliminate the risk of any contaminated effluent making its way into our rivers, creeks, dams or groundwater. It will also remove the risk of contaminated effluent being transmitted onto neighbouring properties or directly to the occupants/owners of the home.


Why would I need to install a wastewater system?

You will need to install a septic tank or aerated wastewater treatment system if there is no connection to mains sewer available for your property. The effluent will then require disposal to the land and ensure it is contained and appropriately treated within your allotment boundaries.


How we arrive at our recommendations

  • Soil laboratory testing (incl. Ph & EC Testing, plasticity & Emmerson Aggregate testing (Dispersion))
  • Soil Textural Analysis & Soil Category
  • Land Contour Survey to ascertain Landform Elements (incl. grades of fall, topographic position and surface shapes)
  • Number of bedrooms in proposed dwelling
  • Monthly Rainfall data for Water Balance Modelling
  • Nutrient Balance Calculations (where high water tables may be present).


What does the LCA report give me?

The recommendations from the LCA will either be for a Primary Treatment System or a Secondary Treatment System with a suitably nominated method of disposal to the land.

The LCA outlines the subject sites landscape elements and nominates a suitable area for wastewater disposal, the Land Application Area (LAA), along with the level of treatment required. The selection and design of the appropriate system can then be carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced plumber.

Primary Treatment System refers to the level of treatment produced from a traditional Septic Tank and is predominantly disposed via soil absorption trenches.

Secondary Treatment System refers to the level of treatment required by the EPA for effluent to be disposed by sub-surface irrigation. An AWTS or single pass sand filter both produce effluent treated to a Secondary level (i.e 20/30 standard effluent).

AWTS (Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems) are manufactured by various companies and are designed to be bought as off -the-shelf units and treat the effluent to a level suitable for disposal into sub-surface irrigation fields.

Click on the link below for a list of EPA approved secondary treatment systems, for sub-surface irrigation and more information and guidelines on onsite wastewater management:


What is the process of applying for onsite wastewater treatment?

Once you have an LCA report, you can apply to the appropriate council for approval to install a wastewater system. A Septic Tank Application form will need to be completed either by the owner or the owners’ chosen plumber. The application form will need to be accompanied by the LCA and a fee, and Scale Drawings of the dwelling or proposed dwelling.

A link to the Septic Tank Application Form can be found below:

East Gippsland Shire – Permit to install or alter a septic tank system

Wellington Shire – Waste water and septic tanks

Geelong Shire – Septic tank application form


Once you have approval from the relevant council, you will need to engage an experienced plumber to install the EPA approved treatment and disposal system as recommended in the LCA.

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is the government body that regulates the environment and is an authority on the things that impact our environment including the safe disposal of effluent. You can view their guidelines and code of practice at

Simon Anderson Consultants has nearly 20 years’ experience in LCA’s and is considered a leading authority in the area. SAC produces comprehensive and accurate reports, giving the owner peace of mind that the system, when appropriately installed, will be efficient and effective in the treatment of their wastewater. Through comprehensive testing and analysis of expertly collected data, we will determine what the most appropriate design solution will be for your land. Contact us today.