Renovation of a simple 1960’s brick veneer home

Project Details

Home renovator/family
A part of the renovation of this 1960’s house was the removal of two internal load bearing walls.

Project Description

This home renovation involved changing separate lounge room, dining /kitchen and laundry into one open plan living space, which is a common project for homes of this era. This meant removing two internal load bearing walls that were supporting the tiled roof. In addition, a clean ceiling line was desired for this new living area, which further complicated the brief.

To achieve the desired outcome, we had to design beams that could be hidden within the roof space and which also supported the heavy tiled roof; our only choice was to adopt a steel section. It was not a straightforward design however, due to the drop eaves on the building, so the beams needed to not only fit within the roof space, but also to take the shape of the roof near the supports.

By manipulating the supporting columns the problem was resolved with a steel section and a column detail to hide the beam, and a flat ceiling within a dropped eave detail supporting the beam. We were able to achieve this result both cost effectively as well as aesthetically, to the delight of our clients.

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