Double story steel and reinforced concrete consulting rooms

Project Details

Government/Hospital Board
As provided by Slap Architects

Project Description

Time, Structural and Civil documentation needed to be completed as quickly as possible without compromising details or accuracy, so that the project could be built and Operational in the shortest possible time.

We provided an economic and simple, but elegant, Structural solution that met the construction budget, and also made it simple to build. By doing this, a secondary benefit was the documentation process was streamlined.

Design features of the project included:

  • Suspended Reinforced concrete 2nd storey floor
  • Precast Tilt Slab Walls
  • Reinforced concrete staircase and ballustrade
  • Precast Concrete Lift Shaft
  • Exposed Galvanised Steel Framework

Our Documentation is always provided in a clear and concise format which means that Building and Council approvals are straightforward with little or no clarifications required. This also means the construction process is both straightforward and time efficient as the Builder and Subcontractors are pricing working from clean and simple drawings.

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