Building the Education Revolution Scheme

Project Details

Federal Government
Deliver feature survey, soil reports and documentation for 36 Schools located around the eastern region of Victoria, within 9 days.

Project Description

The Government Appointed Project managers had approached many larger firms to carry out the work for 36 schools and the deadline loomed. The firms they had approached could either carry out one or the other of the services, and were not in the position to carry out the brief in the very tight timelines.

We have been providing the exact service the government was looking for our home designer and builder clients for the past 20 years, so for us, it was a merely gathering enough resources and committing to the deadline.


To achieve the objective for our client we had to have the following:

  • Systems of organising
  • Management of project
  • Time management
  • Working as cohesive team
  • Bringing in more people into our team – having a network of people to expand our workforce as necessary
  • People designated to each particular step of the project

Totally focused on the outcomes for our client – getting accurate results within 9 days, we worked around-the-clock with the sole purpose to deliver to the results needed within the deadline.

We met the timelines for our client and were then subsequently engaged to complete another 35 School Projects.



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